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Geraldine Sigue


Geraldine's source of strength is her faith in her lord and savior Jesus Christ. She finds fulfillment in nothing else but to serve by pointing people to Jesus as the good shepherd. She is handy in inspiring and challenging people to experience God tangibly and intimately for themselves.

Geraldine is a graduate of Andrews Theological Seminary. Prior to ministry, she was a creative in the fashion industry. But today, out of gratefulness for God’s saving grace, with the bible in her hands and an inspired message in her heart, she is a fearless speaker, teacher and minister of the Gospel.

She is continuously on the move to fulfill her mandated mission: to inspire and equip people to shine in this dark, broken world - until the king of glory makes his entrance.

Warning: Do not challenge her to a Hopscotch game!

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Maudine Williams