Meet the Team

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James Scarborough

Senior Pastor

Since 1984, James has provided pastoral leadership and ministry to 11 multi-cultural, multi-ethnic Seventh-day Adventist churches in the North Caribbean Conference, Southern New England Conference, and Central California Conference.

James serves the Central California Conference concurrently as African American Ministries Director, and the Senior Pastor of the San Francisco Philadelphian and Rainbow Church District to which he was called in 2016. James’ consummate passion is up-lifting Christ and building up people; coaching and empowering church members to use their spiritual gifts in ministry, and mentoring young Pastors.

James and Althea Lake have been married partners in ministry for 34 years. Together they are the proud parents of two beautiful daughters. The Scarborough’s continue to enjoy their partnership in life and ministry. Their greatest joy is to see sinners transformed, families enriched with love, and helping individuals grow toward spiritual maturity as disciples of Christ in preparation for His Second Coming.

Geraldine Sigue

Associate Pastor

Geraldine's source of strength is her faith in her lord and savior Jesus Christ. She finds fulfillment in nothing else but to serve by pointing people to Jesus as the good shepherd. She is handy in inspiring and challenging people to experience God tangibly and intimately for themselves.

A graduate of Andrews Theological Seminary, Geraldine is a speaker and teacher of the gospel; she is continuously on the move to fulfill her mandated mission: to inspire and equip people to shine in this broken, dark world.